20-0530 - PVC Valve 10AN Orb to .375 Barb

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PVC Valve 10AN Orb to .375 Barb

Radium Engineering valve for PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) systems. Do not mistake this for a simply one-way check valve. The PCV valve's internal plunger dynamically meters the appropriate amount of crankcase vent airflow based on current engine load. Proper PCV valves prevent the "vacuum leak" that a check valve would create at low loads.

The PCV valve can be used on the outlet of any Radium Engineering Catch Can or any related part that uses -10AN ORB threads.


Outlet: 3/8" Barb (9.5mm) 
Inlet: 10AN ORB (7/8"-14 threads)
Sealing O-rings: FKM and Silicone
Aluminum: 6061 Type-II Anodized


(No reviews yet) Write a Review