HEB-2-20-MC-07 - Sikky Reverse Mount Pull Back Style Hydraulic Handbrake - Grey Handle - Including Master Cylinder

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Product Overview

Sikky Reverse Mount Pull Back Style Hydraulic Handbrake - Grey Handle - Including Wilwood Compact Master Cylinder w/ Reservoir- 3/4" Bore

If you are Drifting, Rally racing or using as a Drag Racing Staging Brake, this Hydraulic Hand Brake can do it all!  When building your race car to perform at the highest level possible a component like your hydraulic handbrake is not one to overlook.  With so many cheaply made and flimsy options available it’s easy to make a mistake and get suckered into buying one of the cheap poorly made and re-branded setups out there.   Sikky designed this hydraulic handbrake from the ground up to make this the ultimate high quality hydro e-brake setup available.  All manufactured right here in the USA.  The fine details are really what makes the difference compared to other options out there.  Using only the best materials possible ensures the best reliability and performance.  The Sikky Pistol Grip style handle was built for battle and the final product shows this through and through. Featuring a knurled urethane grip that provides a no slip ergonomic feel, custom machined axle pivot point riding on proprietary bushings for that ultra smooth pull every time.  Combined with a machined 6061 aluminum handle that is anodized in several color options provide a rigid package insuring your handle will always pull back strait and firm with no wobble.

Popular uses in many applications including Drifting, Rally racing, drag racing, and even off road and SXS racing to lock up the wheels independent from your brake pedal.  Getting sideways, having that perfect launch at the strip, making it through that gravel corner in Rally or even just allowing for that Smokey burnout you can do it all with the Sikky Hydraulic hand brake!

This “reverse pull back” style refers to the position of the master cylinder when mounted in the vehicle which places the master cylinder towards the front of the mounting position.

E-Brake Features:

  • Knurled Urethane Pistol Grip
  • Anodizing in multiple colors on the 6061 Aluminum E-Brake Handle
  • Black powder coated steel base
  • Rigid Design with Smooth Precise Motion
  • Your Choice to add a Wilwood Master Cylinder or source your own
  • Weighs only 4lbs

Including Wilwood Compact Master Cylinder w/ Reservoir- 3/4" Bore

Please refer to the Master Cylinder Specification Guide to determine which master cylinder will be best for you.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review